Finding Calm in the Whirlwind of Life

Whilst creating 'Secret Love Affair' I realised how much I love illustrating and that for the rest of the series, I'd like to take it in that direction. The downside to that is I am really out of drawing practice and found this very frustrating during 'Secret Love Affair'.

Before completing my degree I used to draw all the time, but after university, I just couldn't do it anymore. Every time I went to draw I would feel so angry. How can something you love so much turn into an emotional rage where all you can do is scribble angrily on a page? To this day I still don't know.

Perhaps part of the issue is that at university everything had to be done as quickly as possible. Before I started my course I would take weeks to complete one drawing, but during my degree course, everything had to be done yesterday. It was all about quantity rather than the quality of work. This has really stuck with me and changed how I draw and I'm struggling to get back to taking my time. If I can't get something done and finished in an hour I get frustrated and angry.

So this is where I believe nature journaling will help. Being out in nature searching for its stories will help to slow me down and keep me present and in the moment. There is truly nowhere else I want to be more than sitting quietly in nature, soaking up the sounds and visual treats that it has to offer, along with learning all about what I hear, see, and smell. It is my happy place for sure.

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