Hello, I am Kathryn

Forever Daydreaming ~ Lover of Nature - Quiet Activist

Do you truly see the world in all its beauty, or are you blinded by the faux world created by man?

Inner worlds are brought to life through digital collage; combining art, crafts, and photography to create a final artwork piece. Sometimes these worlds are light and sometimes they are dark, but they are always ethereal even in their darkest moments.

Driven by a passion for all that lives, projects aim to inspire, educate and raise awareness of the natural world we are losing around us.

Sustainability, and creating art that is cruelty-free/vegan friendly is at the heart of every project.

My art is here to remind us of the beauty that we take for granted, and that something taken for granted can easily be lost or abused.

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“"My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature."”

How the creative process unfolds

from ideas to the finished artwork


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