Hidden Angels

Hidden Angels

Our Hidden Angels

There are hidden angels that live amongst us. No wings adorn their backs, they look like us, but they are angels just the same.

These are the people who dedicate their lives to helping others, the people who make our world a better place, the people that change the lives of those whom they help. These people are the angels of our time.

They are often told they care too much, often told they are too sensitive, often told they are poor for having no love for material things. But they are the rich, they are the success story of our time, they are who we should all aspire to be.

They are the angels of our time

This artwork is dedicated to all the people that are told they care too much because they care for others. Once on sale, all my personal profits will be donated to the two wildlife charities I personally support, South Essex Wildlife Hospital and Wildlives. Like so many charities these two charities work hard to save the lives of our local wildlife.

The Making of Hidden Angels

Watch how Hidden Angels came together, layer by layer, in photoshop, from blue background to hand watercolour elements through to texture and colour.

Charity Artwork

This is a charity limited edition print. All my personal profits of 60% of the purchase price are donated to those charities working to save the lives of wildlife locally to me.