Demons Dance with the Fool

#1 Demons Dance with the Fool - Part of 'The Robin's Cage' Series

Exploring how easily we trust the bad guys

Demons Dance with the Fool

Demons play with hearts of fools

Too addicted to the game to know

Too blinded by the chance to care

This game is death to all around

No cares past thoughts of 'me'

Too fond of 'more' to truly love beyond the words of 'mine'

Hearts filled with Demon play are gaining

Galloping briskly to the edge

All for a chance to win a game they'll never let you win

Cries of warning shout out loud

Unheard hitting anger

They've played us well and own our ears

Wake up for...

Life is not a lottery nor is it a game

Nothing comes from Me, Mine, More - just look around for proof

It's just a lie they tell us to play us like a fool

Limited Edition Print

This print will be limited to just eight prints. Once gone no more will become available. They will go on sale once the full series of eight images is complete. To register interest in purchasing this limited edition print please email