The Robin's Cage

#2 The Robin's Cage - From The Robin's Cage Series

The cruel hearts of the Yulin Dog Festival

The Robin's Cage

A star-filled sky embraces some

The sky of swirling light enrobes

How bright and warm it feels for them

But not for you cruel heart

For you are true darkness in life

The claws that mock creation

Laughed and jeered as wounds cast deep

Indifference is your crime

Do you think you're truly free?

No consequence to bear

A path once trod is past forgiveness

Judgment pulls you close

All that has been returns to you

Takes your thoughts towards the depths

No stars, no light, no warmth for you

True darkness takes your sight

Charity Artwork

A tribute to all of the beautiful dogs and cats that have lost their lives at the Yulin Dog Festival. This is a charity limited edition print. All my personal profits of 60% of the purchase price are donated to those charities working on the ground to intercept, save, and rehome dogs and cats on-route to Yulin.