The Robin's Cage

Introduction - Yulin Dog Festival

The first time I searched Yulin Dog Festival on the internet I think I cried for a week. Even today thinking of the pain and suffering that has been and gone, and yet to come, brings tears. How to come to terms with so much pain and suffering inflicted by the hands of humans on a helpless animal is hard to comprehend. To believe that the more you torture and inflict pain is again hard to fathom in the year 2021. Haven't we moved on from caveman behaviour? Obviously, some cultures haven't evolved as much as others.

This was a difficult artwork to put together. Figuring out how to bring so much suffering into this picture, without causing distress to the onlooker, took time and much thought.

Without support against the festival, the suffering will never end.


All the patterns on the walls, dress, floor, and the book in the women's hand, are made from images of dogs and cats in cages at the Yulin Dog Festival. They contain the fear, suffering, and cruel torture these animals have to endure before death.

Robins Mask

In symbolism, the robin represents storms and is the harbinger of death. The robin also asks us not to turn a blind eye to those that are suffering.

Demon Butterflies

Here they represent cruelty, cold hearts, and the bringers of death. They feast on the tortured flesh without a care for the suffering they have caused.


The stars symbolise the loss of life and the hope that somewhere they have found peace after their final hours in pain and suffering.

Charity Artwork

This is a charity limited edition print. All my personal profits of 60% of the purchase price are donated to those charities working to save the lives of wildlife locally to me.