Clouds of glee

#5 Clouds of Glee - From The Robin's Cage Series

Pesticides...what you sow you reap

Clouds of Glee

Heads hidden in clouds of glee

It's all about the payoff forget the fallout

While willful blindness conceals your eyes

The truth is known but you'd rather not look

It's a stagnant curse of self-deception

For what you sow you reap

As toxic showers fill the air, the big shot grins

He's nice and dry in his glister-studded mansion

You're left outside, no cover for protection

More fool you for believing him

His piles of gold scored big big big

You sow, and others will reap

The toxic showers fill the earth

A last breath here and everywhere

Busy merriment falls still...

The big shot grins once more

Control is ever closer

He's gonna reap big big big

How proud you gaze

On stems of pure perfection

No other life to see or hear

Glee lights up satisfaction

You think you've won but it's not a winning game

The more you sow the bigger they reap

As time goes by you reap your reward

Don't worry it's now a part of you

Earth to water, water to lips

Poison the earth, poison you

Drink up, this one's on me

For what you sow you reap

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