Idea for Demons Dance with the Fool

I thought I would share with you why all my art will sit under the title 'The Last Fairy-Tale'.

'The Last Fairy-Tale' is borne from the loss of hope due to wilful hearts, and the feeling that the fight to save the human race and indeed the planet is already over. When you look back over history nothing has really changed. Human beings are making the same mistakes over and over again and the ones that see the consequence of the actions of the short-sighted are too few in numbers to make a real impact and made to feel like there is something mentally wrong with them.

In basic terms, the human race is inherently flawed. Easily manipulated, addictive beyond repair, and this coupled with the ability to lie to oneself so the head can permanently be planted in the sand using the expression 'not my problem', you tell me what hope there is? As a highly sensitive person (an HSP) I have the gift, some might say curse, of the ability to sit on the sidelines and watch with amusement the paradoxical nature inherent in the masses. And to those who question that statement, no I don't think I'm better than anyone else, I'm just different and think differently from 'normal' people. Yay! for the first time there is a plus to not being 'normal'.

We live in the most beautiful world that could ever exist in the entire universe. Looking around we are surrounded by the most amazing creatures and breath-taking landscape. But how many truly see this wonderment? Surrounded by material things, and the need to accumulate more material things which only have fleeting satisfaction. The sad thing is that our need to buy more things and our cultural habits are no more than a marketing ploy for someone to become richer and more powerful which ultimately creates an imbalance. And so the circle of destruction continues.

“If money was important to life it would grow on trees.”

With so many slaves to culture, marketers, and the basic fundamental that the human race is deeply flawed at its core, with a wilfulness that is and will destroy all that exists, what chance do the few who have evolved, are culturally free, and are no slave to marketers, have in saving all that is life.

I'm not here to change how you want to live, only you can do that, but for me, it is hard to watch. I feel like I'm walking in a sea of zombies watching a horror movie unfold before my eyes. 'The Last Fairy-Tale' is my way of coping with the sadness and anger I feel to be losing something that is so incredibly magical - life. Because this truly is the start of the end and you are at the heart of it. Your choices today impact what happens next and my guess is that you love your taste buds more than your child, you want that new phone more than you want your future family to have life, and when you waste water who cares that the next generation has a real possibility of dying of thirst if they can't afford it as prices rise.

So you think someone will save us, that it isn't your fight? Let me just say that our recent history is proof that no one is coming to save us and capitalism and marketers certainly aren't going to. Only you can save the future, the future really is in your hands.