AI Art - Is There a Future for artists?

AI generated art using text prompts in Midjourney

I wasn't sure about the role of AI in art and needed to try it out for myself to see what it was capable of. There is lots of talk about how it will destroy artists' careers, and to be honest, I think it will. The people who will use it to generate images will be those looking to save time and money, and won't appreciate the benefits an artist's mind can bring. The people who buy AI art will be those who don't appreciate human connection.

For me, AI has been interesting for creating inspiration and creating ideas for elements to be included in artwork. But with copyright issues and the fact that AI platforms are now undergoing lawsuits for copyright infringement, AI-generated artwork is something I don't plan to use in my work. I'm someone who prefers the practice and struggle to achieve rather than steal from someone else.

My thoughts for now on AI is that it was fun to try, but it got boring rather quickly because I have an imagination, and what I was imagining AI could not produce for me.

Adding AI generated roses to my own illustration