A mascot of denial

Quick sketch for the composition of The Sorrowful Joker #6 The Robin's Cage series

Work has begun on The Sorrowful Joker, the sixth artwork in my Robin's Cage Series of eight.

The last few days I've been working on the colour palette which will be made from the same colour triad as #5 Clouds of Glee (Yellow Ochre, Quin Red, Prussian Blue), but for this artwork, I'll be keeping within the blue tones with just a dash of a quin red colour mix to lift the face.

The idea behind this artwork is the climate crisis and the non-believer and how this is actively killing people now and will in the future too. Non-believers promote doing nothing and ignore the work and action that needs to be done for our youngest generation, and future generations to have life. They are robbers of life and capture the souls they promote to ignore, and wear them as a mascot of denial.