Now known as the mary delany rose

I'm taking a break from artwork to work on the David Austin Mortimer Sackler Rose crepe paper template. It has been almost a year since I last posted a paper flower tutorial on YouTube and thought it was time to add another. The Mortimer Sackler will be released in two parts. The first release will be the rose in the phase of opening, and the second release will be the rose as it starts to fade. Both phases had to be captured as they are equality as beautiful as each other.

So much work goes into developing a flower template. It takes many samples to figure out all the petal shapes and sizes before you even start to put together visuals to written instructions, and not forgetting the creation of video tutorials. But I hope to be back creating art 1st June so I can release my first art series late autumn.

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Mortimer Sackler Development Samples

Mortimer Sackler Rose Template

Now Known as the Mary Delany Rose