#5 Clouds of Glee

Clouds of Glee is the fifth artwork in my up and coming fine art series of eight. It is about the paradox of the gardener and stems from a conversation I had with a neighbour. My neighbour was so delighted by a saliva bush full of bees but then in the next breath told me of his troubles with aphids on the flowering plant right next to the saliva. Not being able to tolerate a 'pest' that might damage the blooms the plant was dowsed in pesticides to ensure bloom perfection, a bloom that bees and other insects would gather nectar from. And so a paradox....helping bees on one hand but killing them with the other. I'll never get my head around the gardeners that attract wildlife gleefully and then kill directly or indirectly without a thought to achieve the garden perfection.

The character for this artwork wears her perfect blooms with pride, blind to the death she has brought to the bees that adorn her accessories and dress trim.