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fine art isn't just for art collectors

What would you like your home to say about you?

It is a misconception that fine art is just for art collectors. Art is an expression of who we are and who we want to be. Art helps us express ourselves and share our values. It helps us build a home that truly feels ours, makes us feel safe and secure in our surroundings because the art we choose is simply an extension of who we are and what we hold dear.

Limited Edition Prints or Printable Wall Art

Which one is right for you?

Limited Edition Prints

These prints are limited in number and once all the edition numbers and artist proofs have sold the artist cannot make any more. Generally the smaller an edition run is the higher the value of the print due to its rarity, and as the artist grows in popularity their limited edition prints may increase in value.

Artists can set any edition amount they like, but once set it cannot be changed. My limited editions are limited to eight, twenty-eight, or eighty prints depending on the project, along with two 'Artist Proof's. Due to the environmental impact of NFT's I will not be selling original digital files using the blockchain platform until it uses green energy.

Limited edition prints are signed and numbered on the front and titled on the reverse. They are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity which includes the edition number purchased.

Printable Wall Art

In contrast, printable wall art has no restrictions on the number that can be sold. An artist can sell as many as they wish. They are an instant download that can be printed at home or at professional printers and is a very affordable way to collect art from an artist you like. Although a certificate of authenticity generally doesn't accompany printable art, I like to include a copy just as a sign that it is my own work and to provide some background information such as the materials used to create the original that the printable art was created from.

My printable art can be printed on the same beautiful paper that my limited editions are printed on and they also included my signature at the bottom of the art. Advice about printing and framing is included in the download pack,

Not all paper is made the same

Hahnemühle Natural Line Paper

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly & Vegan

As sustainability and caring for nature are at the heart of every project, the paper chosen needed to reflect this. Hahnemühle Natural Line offers three wonderful vegan-friendly, sustainable museum-quality papers; Bamboo, Hemp, and Agave. All limited edition prints are printed on Bamboo paper as it is the most sustainable of the three. The paper is a digital fine art paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton and meets the highest industry standards. This paper does not contain optical brighteners and is acid and lignin-free, which gives the paper a natural warm tone. It's soft lightly textured matt surface, enhances the colour and depth of the print, bringing its soul to the fore. 

If you purchase printable wall art any matte textured digital printing paper will work well when printing your artwork, but I would still highly recommend Hahnemühle Natural Line papers to keep your print sustainable.

How to Care for Your Print

Whilst Hahnemühle bamboo paper is archival quality, care should always be taken when handling the printed material as the soft surface is susceptible to abrasion and can easily be damaged. Cotton gloves should be worn when handling the print to protect the surface from the natural oils found on the skin.

Should you choose not to frame your print, use only archive-quality envelopes, folders, and boxes to store your print.

Giclée Printing

All limited edition prints are printed professionally at theprintspace in the UK to ensure quality. Their Giclée art printing is vegan-friendly.

As Jpeg files can be uploaded to the theprintspace website, from the comfort of your home and prints delivered directly to your door, they are my recommended printer for all my printable art. However, more recommendations are given within the download pack upon purchase.


I recommend purchasing your limited edition fine art print from me first, then taking it to a professional framer where you will be able to view framing and mount options alongside your print.

This is the same advice for printable wall art, except all my work is sized for custom frame sizes to make purchasing a frame easier. However, I always recommend taking your frame and printed art to a framer if you decide to add a mount around the print. Mountboard colours can really vary and the final framed art may be very disappointing if the mount doesn't match or complement the paper the art is printed on.

If you decide to frame and mount your print yourself, use only archive-grade tapes and glues, and wear cotton gloves to protect the print. However, I strongly recommend consulting a professional framer to avoid damaging your print.

Thank you so much

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