Why Digital Collage & Compositing

I've wanted to be an artist my entire life, but there are a few things which always stood in the way of that which digital collaging and compositing has helped to solve. Firstly, when creating with traditional drawing and painting I could never finish what I started for fear of making a mistake and ruining a piece of art that may have taken days to create. And secondly, I love our planet more than I love anything else, and no matter how considerate you are about where you buy pigments or brushes it is taking precious elements away from the earth during production and use. I also hate using precious water to create my own pigments and to paint with, it just seems like such a waste. So I welcome digital art with open arms despite some critics valuing the past. Personally I believe digital is the future. Currently I am working hard to create my own digital brushes, using up pigments I have purchased to create shapes, animals, insects etc which I can use in my work and create an extensive library of work to be 90% digital in the future with 10% being sustainable pigments, ink and charcoal that I make myself from renewable resources in my garden. This process has been extremely hard for me as I do love collecting pigments because I cherish colour and love how precious the earth is, but the reality is that we all need to think sustainably to ensure natures survival and I can't allow myself to be selfish - this is bigger than me and I want no part of damaging the future for our generations to come.

Slowly I'm moving away from purchased pigment powders to have more control over the sustainability of my art. Once the purchased pigments have been used I will not replace them and will make my own from flowers and plants growing in my garden, and fruit and veg scraps from the kitchen. Occasionally I will make pigments from jewellers copper scraps, old bricks and stone that would otherwise end up in the bin.

Colours are always mixed by hand and are unique to each project.