Introducing my First Fine art Series

The Robin's Cage is my interpretation of the world in which we live. A world that has lost its connection with nature, believing it is just another threw away item like fast fashion. We forget that our actions have consequences and our lack of protecting and respecting nature has the biggest consequence of all - death to our species. For any chance of survival, we need to find a balance between the modern world and nature. We need to stop viewing nature as a weakness in the external world as well as within ourselves.

This series is a journey of hope, loss, and frustration encapsulated in symbolism. It explores the crinoline age where freedom, encroachment on space, and the possibility for change became so obvious for women. All these now apply to nature. We need to give nature the freedom to ramble, let it take back some of the space we have taken from it, work with nature rather than destroy it, and most of all we need to learn to respect and accept that it is a fundamental part of our lives that we must nurture above all else.

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Idea for Secret Love Affair

Titles in the Series

#1 Demons Dance with the Fool

#2 The Robin's Cage

#3 Remember Me

#4 Secret Love Affair

#5 Clouds of Glee

#6 The Sorrowful Joker

#7 Flight of Fancy

#8 Passing of Time